Triad is truly the most beautiful sound you may never see. As one of the first Dolby Atmos partners in developing immersive sound for home theaters no other manufacturer can promise what Triad can. The Thoughtful Home is proud to lead the journey into the most satisfying home audio experience in the world with Triad speakers. From a simple 5.1 surround experience to the all encompassing sound of a full Atmos home theater, no other company can bring you closer to your dream than The Thoughtful Home. For Triad Speakers St. Louis and Triad Speakers Dallas look no further than The Thoughtful Home.

Professional Experience

With Triad’s over 30 years in sound engineering and our 20 years of installation and design The Thoughtful Home can bring you the ultimate in home theater excellence. Deploying Home theaters all over the country our professional design and installation team can adapt to all regional methods of construction and interior design.

Dolby Atmos

The Thoughtful Home can deliver Dolby Atmos St. Louis and Dolby Atmos Dallas as well as other areas of the Continental U.S. Being an early adopter of the immersive surround technology known as Atmos we bring an experience and knowledge base that is second to none. We can offer consultation, designs, equipment procurement, and installation for Dolby Atmos St. Louis and Dolby Atmos Dallas The Thoughtful Home is your number 1 provider.

Industry Recognition

Founder Joe Whitaker is recognized in the industry as one of the leaders in home theater technologies. Having a hands on approach, in depth product knowledge, and relationships with leading manufacturers The Thoughtful Home can provide a best in class experience.