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Why choose The Thoughtful Home as your Control4 System Provider? Founder Joe Whitaker is not only recognized as one of the top Control4 experts by the public, he is also recognized as one of the best by the manufacturers themselves. Mr. Whitaker was honored to Co-Host Control4’s 10 Year Anniversary Brunch Discussion as well as being a key component of Control4’s public outreach through product reviews that can be found at the Industries leading publication. For Control4 St. Louis and Control4 Dallas look no further than The Thoughtful Home.

Whole Home Automation

Understanding how Control4 can benefit your Thoughtful Home and how it can interact with 3rd party devices is key to creating the perfect solution for your needs. Whether it be entertainment and home theater, comfort features like intelligent HVAC and window treatments, Smart Lighting, Security and Safety, or a custom tailored whole home solution The Thoughtful Home can exceed your expectations.

Multiroom Audio

The Thoughtful Home provides the best multiroom audio imaginable. Whether it be dedicated wired audio, wireless audio, or a hybrid, no one knows multiroom audio better than The Thoughtful Home. Founder Joe Whitaker has consulted with many amplifier and speaker manufacturers and has even invented and designed award winning products in the music and audio category. From unique speaker designs that have benefits to the user and installer to the new VANCO MusicLife Concealer (Patent Pending) allowing wireless speakers to be used in a custom and concealed fashion. Whatever your needs are in audio installation The Thoughtful Home is ahead of the curve and can produce and provide the best audio solutions for music or video accompaniment.

Multiroom Video

Founder Joe Whitaker is recognized in the industry as one of the leaders in video distribution technologies. As Inventor and Designer of VANCO’s HDBASET BOOST (Patent Pending), Panel Presenter, Early Adopter, and Evangelist of HDBASET and recognized Integration Expert with HD over IP technology you are in good hands with The Thoughtful Home.

Intelligent Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the biggest opportunities for you to subtly, but effectively, influence the ambiance of your home and complement the aesthetics of its decor. You can turn on the entire room—or multiple rooms—with a single light switch, and ramp and dim illumination to whatever level you desire. And if you don’t care for the banks of switches on your wall, your lighting controls can be centralized elsewhere, such as in a closet, to avoid distracting from the style of your home. Smart lighting is both beautiful and energy efficient. Your lighting automatically turns on when you need the light, but turns itself off when no one is in the room.

  • Have the lights in the house turn on automatically to welcome you home.
  • Use motion sensors to provide hands-free illumination.
  • Program the lights to shut off automatically when a room is unoccupied.
  • Use keypads to trigger more than just lights, including music, shade control, and energy settings—with a touch of a button.
  • Illuminate the hallway lights automatically for safe entry, as soon as you enter the garage.
  • Have your outdoor lighting turn off in the morning, and turn on as the sun goes down.
  • Make your home sophisticated enough to appear to be occupied even when you’re away.

Comfort and Convenience

Being comfortable encompasses more than just adjusting the temperature. Control humidity levels, automate shades, power on the hot tub on your way home, and program your entire house for maximum energy efficiency. Control4 works with the world’s leading brands, so it’s easy to integrate your automation system with radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel and geothermal systems.

  • Wireless thermostats maintain consistent temperature and humidity control, regardless of the time of day or season.
  • Enjoy personalized comfort settings that can be recalled on a schedule or with just a few taps on your phone or touch screen.
  • Pool and spa controls make it easy to turn on the heat, set the temperature or crank the jets instantly, right from your smartphone.
  • Fireplace sensors are easily controlled from any device within the home. Press the customized “Romance” button and enjoy.
  • Program your window shades to lower during the hottest hours of the day, saving on air conditioning costs.
  • Automate your sprinklers and lawn systems to respond to weather conditions.

Home Communications

Whether you want to see who is at the front door, check in on your sleeping baby or call everyone to the table for dinner, it’s simple and convenient with video intercom. With an incredibly fast connection speed and high-definition clarity, all of this functionality is automatically enabled n every touch screen in a Control4 Smart Home.

  • Replace your doorbell with an elegant Door Station to see who is at the door without getting off the couch.
  • Get a complete view of the front porch with alternate camera views.
  • Call any touch screen within your home, whether to check in on the kids or bring everyone together.

Security and Safety = Peace of Mind

Make your home more secure by integrating your lights, locks, security systems, video cameras and digital recorders with your Control4 automation system. And with the Control4 4Sight™ app, you can check on your home anytime and anywhere, right from your smartphone.

  • Lock every door and arm the alarm, all with a single touch.
  • Check on the kids, whether you are downstairs or downtown.
  • View the video feeds from your security cameras.
  • Receive a text alert when the system senses trouble, including water leaks or to simply let you know the kids arrived home from school.
  • Assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers.
  • Randomize lights and audio/video equipment to make it look like you are home, even when you’re not.

Home Theater & Entertainment Room Control

Gone are the days of having 6 remotes to control 1 room! The Thoughtful Home can consolidate the mess and confusion of multiple remotes and give you a single point of control. Whether your preferred control method is a remote, a smart phone, or a touchscreen we can provide the solution to meet your needs. Tv, movies, music, lights, and thermostats, you only need 1 remote to rule them all!


Here is what Eric Smith Founder of Control4 had to say about Joe Whitaker:

eric-smithEric Smith
CTA at SilverVue
“Joe is an amazing technologist and communicator. I feel privileged to call him a friend, and will always be grateful for the way he as an integrator and writer helped to my company successful. I believe Joe can be great at anything he puts his mind to.”

Here is what Trent Mulligan VP of Sales has to say:

trent-mulliganTrent Mulligan
VP of Sales at Just Add Power
“Joe is a highly skilled professional with a wide array of talents in the custom electronics/installation industry. In addition, his industry related freelance journalism pieces were some of the most helpful and respected works in print.”