The Thoughtful Home by JWhitaker Designs LLC. was founded on a simple principle, to bring devices in the home together in a thoughtful way and to accomplish this in an affordable manner. Founder and globally recognized smart home technology expert, Joe Whitaker, truly believes that life can be lived better through the use of connected technologies, not only in the home, but also away. As the world moves towards IoE (Internet of Everything), TheThoughtfulHome is here to help you understand the advances and to make sure that you live your life with the convenience, safety, security, comfort and entertainment features available today, as well as, keeping your home up to date with the best technologies and service. The Thoughtful Home offers full home automation, smart home design and installation, intelligent lighting control and comfort solutions, home theater, outdoor entertainment, multi-room audio and video, security and safety options, Hi-Res audio,pre-wire, central-vac and even pool and spa controls. Look to The Thoughtful Home for Smart Homes St. Louis and Smart Homes Dallas.

The Thoughtful Home Process

Our process is simple. At The Thoughtful Home, we evaluate the technologies you currently use. We listen to your thoughts and concerns on security, safety and comfort. We also evaluate your interest in newer technologies, such as, 4K, Dolby Atmos, Control4, Nest, SONOS, and the latest in streaming technologies. We then develop a solution through a proven process, that combines the vision of your “Thoughtful Home” along with budget, size, location, power consumption and internet requirements. Once we have completed our process, we bring to you, your Thoughtful Home Solution. Fill out the Home Project Questionnaire to get started!

The Thoughtful Home Solution

Are you overwhelmed when your average home automation or audio/video company sales person says, “well you will need this black box and this other box along with that button to change the temperature or TV channel”? The Thoughtful Home takes a much different and refreshing approach. Through The Thoughtful Home Process, we develop a full solution that brings you the technology that you need in the most complete and affordable manner in the industry. This solution is all encompassing. Whereas some companies look at clients projects in a box by box manner, at The Thoughtful Home, we look for a total solution for your home and family.

Home Theater

For the absolute best in home theater look no further than The Thoughtful Home. From simple 5.1 media rooms, the latest in Dolby Atmos and Aura 3d full cinema experience surround sound, we have the experience and product availability to build your dream audio experience. Let’s not forget the video! Whether it be your standard 1080p or the all new 4k UHD experience, The Thoughtful Home delivers the best in class. We will help you pick the right projector (and screen) or display to optimize your viewing enjoyment. Each theater, media room, man cave or sports room is carefully designed to deliver the best possible entertainment ecosystem. Acoustics, room size, ambient light, preferred content and even occupancy are all considered to make your dream room a reality.

Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res 2 Channel audio is back in a big way. The Thoughtful Home experts are all High-Res audio fans and can lead you to listening bliss. Hi-Res is not just for audiophiles anymore. With advances in technology the cost of ownership for a true Hi-Res experience is much easier to attain. We have the hottest and most recognized brands to build the perfect listening experience for the enthusiast and the audiophile.

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